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Michael Holman

VP, Overland Group

Michael Holman is an extremely passionate real estate investor who has quickly become one of the most respected real estate development syndicators in the industry. Besides being extremely passionate, he is widely known for his ability to create outstanding relationships because of his knowledge, transparency, and drive. These attributes are what has led him to actively developing over $150 million worth of real estate at an exceptionally young age.

In addition to real estate, Michael is passionate about what it takes to succeed in business and life. He is constantly researching at the most successful and impactful people in the world to understand how they do what they do.

Michael is obsessed with people. This is why he loves working with hundreds of passive real estate investors throughout the country, helping them understand the power and opportunity of real estate investing. 

Michael is a VP at Overland Group which is a vertically integrated real estate company that develops, constructs, and manages residential and commercial real estate. Overland Group has developed, constructed, and managed over half a billion dollars in real estate.

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