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Hustle to Success: How a First-Generation Immigrant Built A Real Estate Investing Empire. This week on The Executive Real Estate Investing Show, host Michael Holman talks with Esteban Andrade.

Colombian-born Esteban Andrade knows a thing or two about hustle. As a project manager and engineer, he honed his skills leading teams of designers and other engineers in the auto industry. When he saw an opportunity to help a foreign real estate investor to scoop up properties in his adopted hometown of Detroit, Andrade leaped in. His marketing and leadership skills helped the investor rake in profits, and a new business venture was born. Esteban founded Hesel Media, a lead generation agency that provides leads to Real Estate Investors, wholesalers, and agents.

Listen now to hear how Andrade leverages his skillset to succeed in real estate.


Master a Skill and Pass It On

If you want to scale your business, you can’t continue to do everything. So once you’ve mastered a skillset, be it marketing, development, or deal-making, teach others how to master that skill as well. If you can gain partners and employees who can do those skills as well as you, that will allow you more time and freedom to more things. Master the skill…and delegate!


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EP 34: Hustle, Growth, and Creative Investing with Esteban Andrade

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Michael Holman:  Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Executive Real Estate Investing Show. As always, I’m your host, Michael Holman and it is great to have you with me today. Excited about our guests Esteban, you’re gonna hear the whole interview. He has so much energy, he’s so active right now. He just exudes energy. I’m really excited to bring him on and have you listened to this interview with him. He’s got so many things going on. In the meantime, I want to make sure you’re going to the website, checking it out, you can go to the show notes, you can see all the details, any of the references that me or any of the guests make they are posted there, you can sign up for the newsletter, ask an executive question. All sorts of things you can do at

Go ahead and check that out today. Also, if you’ve been listening for a while, leave us a rating and review on iTunes on Spotify, wherever you listen to your podcast, that would be greatly appreciated. We want to get this out to as many people as possible. So please make sure you’re leaving us a rating and review. Like I said whether that’s Apple podcasts, or whether that’s Spotify, wherever that is, we’d really appreciate that. And like always, we’re going to start today’s episode with an executive tip.

Today’s executive tip comes from our guests Esteban. One of the things that he mentioned that I thought was so good that it was worth repeating is once you learn a skill, you need to learn a skill, you need to learn how to master it and in your business in order to scale it and in order to grow it, you need to learn this thing and then you need to give it away. You need to teach someone else how to do that thing, how to do that skill and do it as well or better than you did it. That’s what allows you to free you up to go do more things. He talks about this, this idea of mastering a skill and delegating and I love it. It was so good. I had to repeat it right up front. Listen for it throughout this episode because he goes into great detail, but I’m not gonna waste any more time. We’re gonna go right into our interview with Esteban.

Hello, everyone and welcome to another episode of The Executive Real Estate Investing Show. As always, I’m your host, Michael Holman, and I am joined by a fantastic guest today. His name’s Esteban Andrade he has been awesome. We’ve been talking a little bit before we started recording and just a fun guy. We just realized we both just got over our bouts with COVID. Hopefully by the time that this records were passed a little bit of that, but it’s raging strong. Feels like everybody in the world sick right now Esteban. But welcome to the show. Esteban is the founder and CEO of a media agency company Hesel. Did I say that right Esteban?

Esteban Andrade:  Yes, Hesel.

Michael Holman: Hesel Media. He helps Real Estate investors generate motivated sellers online. He has also helped Real Estate investors generate more than $4.2 million worth of fix and flips. He’s also a first-generation immigrant to seven figure entrepreneur in the Real Estate investing space. Really exciting stuff. I’m really excited to dive into this journey with you Esteban. Welcome to the show.

Esteban Andrade: Thank you, Michael, for that amazing intro.

Michael Holman: Absolutely. We appreciate you coming on and talking with all of the guests and all the listeners. So Esteban, I gave my little introduction, but tell us about yourself.

Esteban Andrade:  Like you mentioned right at the end there. I am a first type of immigrant here in the United States I actually came from Canada first. My journey was, I was born in Colombia. Then I went to school and did my education in Canada and then from Canada I wanted to move to the US. I moved to Michigan first and that’s the first steps in the US. Economy, me getting a job in the Automotive Industry. Took me to get a good job with Chrysler, and then COVID hit. All this COVID hit made me go into full entrepreneurship.

When I went full into entrepreneurship, we have grown our media agency from basically 0 to a $150,000 a month. Right now, it’s 2022 and we’re trying to now acquire more properties, getting into Real Estate investing even deeper, not only for tax purposes and everything that goes behind it. But we need to use us this cash flow money that the media agency is doing into true Real Estate investing. That’s what we have right now in 2022. Again, Colombian guy that turned to be an entrepreneur and business owner in the US, that did it through Canada, US connections.

Michael Holman: There’s so many good things in that introduction, and I’d love to talk just a little bit. We talk about Hesel Media. Talk to me about what Hesel Media is, what does it do?

Esteban Andrade: Hesel Media started, me listening to a lot of GaryVee, back in the day. It was GaryVee, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, all these people mixed together into YouTube videos, and GaryVee kept just going with hustle, hustle, hustle. I was like, I gotta hustle my way while I’m in the job. I’m in the job. I’m doing my eight to five and I need to find something where I can find passion from and hustle my way out of this.

It first started as a clothing brand that I wanted to call it hustle, but there were so many clothing brand called hustle, hustle co, hustle whatever. I wanted to be different, and I still want it to be hustle. How can I make it hustle without making it hustle. I went ahead and typed on Google hustle definition, just to see if there’s any word that I can put down there. The pronunciation of it is Hesel, which is H and inverted Es. SEL, inverted Es. I was like, I can use that and just brand myself that way. I started like a, like a clothing brand, which is really hard to grow.

Michael Holman: I know multiple people who started a private label clothing brands. It’s a tough road, but I understand.

Esteban Andrade: There’s so much competition and it has to be a strong brand to start with or have to have a community where you can sell it to and then scale after that, because otherwise it’s hard. I wanted to create something out of that. I started getting into the E-Commerce and marketing and all these things that you can do because GaryVee suggested, try different things. Try what you can excel on. I tried ecommerce and I tried lead generation. I had no idea what it was, what even a lead generation is, and I started doing that with a Canadian company as a freelancer. The freelancing was just something for me to get experience. It was like free work that I did in the beginning.

But it was like me giving trials to potential clients that were gym owners, realtors, and other type of clients, where I learned to generate leads for them through social media and through advertising. That’s how I learned the ropes until I was like I’m gonna create my own stuff because now I’ve been doing a freelance for a long time. Now, let’s just add to Hesel this thing that never really grew, and I have an LLC and everything. Let’s add a media to it. Hesel Media was born because my E-commerce didn’t really hit it. My clothing brand didn’t really hit it. Let’s just try media and I’m getting good at this, and you can create a business out of it. So boom, Hesel Media started right in there.

Michael Holman: I love the journey. I love the willingness and the ability to look at a problem, try something and if it doesn’t work, pivot, try again, pivot try again. One of the things that I see most common in business owners and Real Estate investors, is they are too willing to give up. It’s like, if you don’t hit it big, if you haven’t made a million dollars in the first month, then it was all a failure, and you’re never gonna try again. And that’s not how life is. I love how you mentioned that because no matter what it is, whether it’s building a business like you’re talking about, whether it’s Real Estate investing, either one, they are so similar in the fact that the first time, you might fail, you just know less. Your probability of failing, the first time you try to do one of those things, is a lot higher than the 10th or 15th or 20th time when you know what you’re doing. I love that mindset. I love that ability to look at those situations, and pivot and keep going. That’s just fantastic, that’s fun.

Esteban Andrade: One of the first things that I understood from the very beginning. And this was like something that I would listen on YouTube every single time or as podcast is in order for me to work this and to make it work, I had to really exercise my brain, my mind. I needed to exercise that. I was really into exercising my body back then and I never really put time into exercising my brain, my mind first. I never really put time into how can I perfect this so that this can move mountains.

That’s when I started really going to personal development really strong. Honestly, the word hustle, could be a really good thing and a bad thing. Because if you hustle so much, so hard for a long period of time, you can also get burned. If you haven’t accomplished anything, you can get depressed, if you don’t get your goals, it could hit hard on your mental state. But hustling, smart with the right mindset will beat anything. Because you will understand that some things will require more than just hard work. It will require knowing the right people, it will require creating the right systems, it will require hiring the right people.

It will require all these things that you learn on your journey of working hard and hustling. Those are the things that you get to learn. Every single time that I would go outside of my job and finish off my day, I would have that mindset, like let me have a podcast YouTube episode to exercise my mindset, because I know what I’m doing is uncomfortable and it’s hard and it’s not meant for everyone. I don’t want to fall into the trap of giving up and also have that knowledge. I will have both times for me. The mindset part and I will have the knowledge, the skill set part in order to make it work.

Michael Holman: I love how you’re mentioning these things. They’re just so important. I just read a statistic the other day, the average person, for example, reads less than one book a year and I think it was the average CEO or Executive read something like 60 books a year. This is a monumental difference and I maybe I’m butchering this statistic, but the point was the same. It was the average person, does very little to improve themselves, to exercise their mind and the top performing people they are doing a lot all the time, to sharpen the saw, to make themselves more knowledgeable, to gain more experience, to be a better them. Super important. Things like podcast, YouTube, great places to go in and get that information. They give you those different perspectives.

Esteban Andrade: In order for people to really start any business or continue growing in any business, have second businesses, third businesses is because they’ve went through a path of acquiring skill sets. They have to acquire a skill set first. Whether that’s marketing to building, scaling a sales team, whether that’s sales itself, whether that’s knowing finances so well, tax code, really knowing how to invest your money, those are skill sets, those are things that will continuously making you more money because the more you learn, the more you’re going to earn. At the same time, part of those skill sets is knowing when to be very strong because things is going to happen. That is the skill set. I think that the brain wavelength skill set that a lot of people don’t get from the beginning because it’s the hardest to get. It’s literally your mindset. So that’s something that I needed to acquire from the beginning.

Michael Holman: Esteban, I have a question for you, as you’ve been building this business, what has been the most difficult part of building Hesel Media?

Esteban Andrade: It was me getting outside of my own head that I needed to hold into my profits. I needed to hold on to stuff that I was acquiring or the money that I was making. I think that once you let things go, like, for example, if whenever I started letting my profits go, like me not seeing profits, but rather like giving it to someone else, I saw growth. Once I started letting go of things that I had to do on a day-to-day basis, I saw more growth. At the beginning, it was very, very hard to go through from the stage of freelancer to an actual business owner, to an actual CEO. Then moving forward. There are levels that you have to go through and those levels, your mind is playing games with you.

Because at the beginning I would not hire a virtual assistant. I was like, I have to put the effort in finding one and then I have to pay someone when I can do it. It’s so easy. Those things, at the end of the day, are the ones that are stopping you from growing and stopping you from getting to a next level. Those are very simple things that people don’t do.  I’m going to give you an example, my dad, has a business for already 13 years. 13, or almost 18, something like that. But only years after of doing it him himself he started employing subcontractors or contractors.

He didn’t remove himself on specific things because he was like, I’m so comfortable and I know I can do it. I’m the master of my own world. Why do I have to pay someone else to do this when I can do it and can totally put the time to it. He never grew his business. His business went like this, and it stays stagnant. Still living there, still putting their but never really felt or will never touch the fruits of letting go and see what happens. Maybe you don’t work anymore one day, because his letting go effects. Those are the things that I quickly learned. But I learned it because I got into some good coaching and good mentors, that really showed me that that’s the way. Alot of people continue to not grow their local brick and mortars or their local small businesses because of that same thing. They just don’t let go.

Michael Holman: You see that a lot with that transition from founders CEO.  I live in Utah, there’s a ton of tech companies, we have a silicon slope right here and there’s a lot of these tech startups and that is the classic dilemma that a lot of these founders get in. Because as a founder, they’re involved in everything. They have their hand in everything. They were there when there was one person, they were there when there’s 50 people. They want to be involved in everything that’s going on and what happens is, as the business grows, that becomes increasingly difficult, and there has to be this mindset change, where a founder does everything. A lot of times a CEO has to lead, has to inspire, has to delegate, it’s a different skill set.

That’s oftentimes a hard transition for people. I love that you point that out because it’s very, very true. It happens oftentimes even when you’re going from one or two employees, or from zero employees, let’s say just yourself to one employee even that in itself is a big jump, it happens when you have 100 employees. You have to find those ways to leverage those around you and provide. That’s good for the people too. The people who get those opportunities, they want to own that space, they want to be responsible, they want to be in charge of those things. And being able to let go in that manner.

Hire good people and trusting them to do a good job is vital to the growth and success of any business. Awesome that you pointed that out. Thank you. I want to take a little transition Esteban and get a little bit into some of the Real Estate. I know Hesel Media, it’s helping a lot of real estate investors, home flips and wholesaling and things like that. What kind of Real Estate investing are you involved in?

Esteban Andrade: The Real Estate investment that I’ve been involved in is mostly towards flips. I really liked getting to a property, seen it very ugly, and then seeing it very pretty after me and my team have done some work into it. What I’m saying my team, the project manager that we have in Detroit, or even my parents that would purchase a property together, and we purchased it outside of the US, we wanted to see what was that experience. We went from a property that was really beat up, it was an apartment to a really good-looking apartment. I love seeing that. I think most people love seeing those transformations.

The problem with that is that it does require a lot of your bandwidth, if you don’t have the proper systems and people in place. The ones in Detroit, for example even though we have a project manager, and we have a contractor, and this contractor has subcontractors, there’s always issues and problems that we have to take a look at. And flipping properties and scaling of flipping business is not as pretty as people think because I have friends that do multiple flips a month. I also have clients that do multiple flips a month. It’s been mostly that. I think that this year 2022. I’m going to be acquiring and holding into more properties. Again, like I said, I want to take advantage of the tax code. I want to take advantage of that those tax codes that exist by just acquiring Real Estate.

Michael Holman: What type of Real Estate you got your eye on coming in 2022?

Esteban Andrade:  It’s going to be single families, as well. But I do want to really be open to multi families, I want to be open to duplex, quadruplex and even open to apartment buildings, small apartment buildings, nothing too crazy for the moment. So that we can utilize our cash flow very well and our CPA have given us some really cool strategies that we can take advantage of. For example, creating a foundation and having that foundation hold properties for low-income people, low-income renters to have a very accessible rent and accessible. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it, but that’s one of the strategies tactics that are CPA recommended if we’re going to start purchasing more and more properties.

So that’s what I want to take a look at way deeper this year. We are already doing our search, we’re already trying to work with my own clients, because they are wholesalers, and they work sales and marketing. That’s everything they would do and then they would assign it to cash buyers or investors, flippers and they would make sure to find those good ones. So I’m starting to work with clients and also with my own private community of wholesalers. That would send us deals. I am very open to purchasing in cash and also purchasing them through creative financing so that we have a better portfolio like a bigger portfolio.

Michael Holman: As I’m hearing you talk, and you got all these visions for Real Estate investing, and I love it. One of the things that’s interesting to me that I want to ask you about is, you were in the automotive business, you said you worked for Chrysler, and then you had Hesel Media, which did some of these other things. How did you end up getting involved in Real Estate investing? How did that journey start with you?

Esteban Andrade: I was in the automotive world where really, it taught me like, holy crap, Detroit was like, one of the biggest cities and economies in the US back in the 50s. I’m like, wow what happened here it was bad, but like it was super huge that such a big city and big economy would crash and like just now has abandoned homes, abandoned full skyscrapers and there’s opportunity now, because there’s so many abandoned homes and neighborhoods that need to be revitalized and rise up from the crash. That I started to look into that in Detroit. When I started to look into that, in Detroit, Detroit was like, my number one place of inspiration. It was the place where I was, there’s opportunity here and look at so many houses that need repairs. Look at so many neighborhoods that we can turn around. I started to get to know those people that were doing it in a massive scale.

One of them were this Argentinian investor from a company called Detroit for cash and of course, their model was very appealing to me to learn was like hey, I’m going to learn how they are utilizing Argentinian foreign investors money to keep buying properties, fixing them up, flipping them, of course and putting it for a rental shape, and renting it and selling it to these Argentinian investors. They had the whole nine yards, they had the acquisitions company, they had the property management company, and they had the realty brokerage company because this whole family was into Real Estate heavily. I learned by helping them. I remember I approached them, because I posted on Facebook, “I’m helping Real Estate wholesalers and investors acquire more off market property who wants to know how?’ I posted on Facebook I remember it was like a Facebook group or something like that.

A bunch of people were like, hey, teach me how or hey reach out to me somewhere not here, somewhere serious. I was trying to acquire clients and one of this Argentina investor told me call me and I’m like, sure, what’s your number? Send me a number by dm, they’re like alright, what’s going on? You told me to call you which is a bad approach because I should have qualified him before, so I don’t waste time. But he was like call me, let’s talk about this. Of course, we both speak Spanish explained to me the situation how he had a lot of buyers ready to buy the properties that they would flip, and he did not have a lot of inventory he needed inventory. He needed homes because he only relied on auctions, Bird Dog, and other wholesalers.

At that time, he did not have any CO calling operation or he did not have any direct mail. He had like auctions, Burdock, other wholesalers, and a normal website. I was like, I can help you find all their off-market properties. Just show me your ways how you’re doing it, show me the inside of your operations. I want to learn more about home selling and Real Estate investing the way you’re doing it because I’d love to do this in Colombia. I would love to like also get investors in Colombia that have money and they want to invest in Detroit and in exchange, I’ll do this for you. I’m going to run your Facebook ads and Facebook ads is going to provide you opportunities with off market properties.

Homeowners will fill out the form, fill out a survey, tells you that they need to sell, we asked a couple more questions. So it’s not too easy for them to go through the whole funnel. Then we send you the information, your job is to follow up with that person and lock up that contract, if it’s a good deal for you. He ended up locking up like 24 properties in less than five months. Again, this guy was a big spender, from auctions and all his Bird Dog method and things like that he would acquire like 300 properties a year, because he had a lot of business from Argentina. And only from this channel, Facebook he acquired 24.

I think it was 24,27. Right now I forgot, I’ll have to talk with him again. But it was about 24 properties that he acquired through Facebook advertising, this was 2019, me being a sort of freelance, I want to exchange value and exchange some of my little expertise that I have gained by running them the Facebook ads, and at the same time me learning. That’s how I got deeper into it. Because the more YouTube I would learn, it will be like, oh, I just learned YouTube, but I wouldn’t take action. The more I go to these three-day seminars, from Fortune Builders, I would do it and I would connect with people. But I wouldn’t take action. I only took action when I was already in the field, when I was trying to exchange value with someone, or work with someone that has already been there in the field. That’s how I did it. Because otherwise it’s a hard model. It’s simple, but it’s a hard model to get into. Because you have to go from not knowing how to generate a lead and selling the idea of acquiring someone else’s property to having a full-blown acquisitions team. Yeah, that’s,

Michael Holman: So many things that you said there are spot on. A couple of things that you said that I really love and just want to reiterate for everybody. You said something that a lot of people on this show say and that’s take action. I mean that’s one of the most important steps is to take action. You also mentioned exchanging value, that’s another thing I hear a lot in this space is there’s value to be had across multiple fronts and oftentimes, people want or need what you have to offer, and they have what you want or need. There’s this idea of exchanging value and taking action, super valuable for anybody who’s interested in getting into that Real Estate investing in space, no matter what it is, whether it’s fix and flips, whether it’s wholesaling. Whether it’ syndications, whatever the case may be, this idea is extremely valuable.

Esteban Andrade: I think one of the things that I really quickly learned as we go is in the beginning, whenever we don’t have a business, we don’t have enough savings, we don’t have enough money, or we’re just with lots of fear of letting that money go, we would try to put as much time as possible by adding potentially value to others, which should be the way whenever you’re taking time from other people, you should be adding value back, especially f you want in the future, you want to have something related to it. But think about it this way, at the beginning you are putting time and giving this amount of value, so that you can get money. But as I grew, and as I went through all this, I could have also said, all this value and time that was giving which is good, it felt good and everything, and it feels like you’re doing something could have really accelerated by putting a little bit of money down. I could have used some of the money that I knew I was being super, super frugal about or super selfish in myself into the right method to accelerate my growth.

What I’m talking about is, instead of me taking six months or one year into learning one single skill set or two skill sets, I could have paid something someone or somehow, so I can learn it instead of six months to one year, I could have learned it in one or two months or less than that. Because the faster you learn a skill set, the more competitive advantage you have against everyone else, and then against yourself against what you’re capable of doing. Now, if you learn all these skill sets, fast, whatever you think that you could have accomplished in one year, you could potentially accomplish it in two months, or in one month, because you are putting yourself ahead in the game your own game by putting a little bit of money, so  paying for good education, and paying for good systems, and good proven processes, or blueprints, or whatever that is, is worth it.

I’ve learned very much in any industry that I’ve been into because it puts me ahead of my own game. It actually forces me to take faster action, because I’m like, holy crap. I’m not procrastinating for six months, or one year on going hard on it. Right now. I was given this; I was given the blueprint or lesson or the coaching or the whole map. Everything I have to do now is take one more step, and then keep going forward. I think that’s how most people grow fast by acquiring quick knowledge and doing fast action.

Michael Holman: All great advice and great things to talk about. Esteban, we are going to move into the last two questions that we ask every single person who comes on to this show. Number one, what is the best business advice you were ever given?

Esteban Andrade: I think one of the best business advice I was ever given was, I think it’s going to be very related to what I just said. I have to make sure that I built a machine in my own head that can teach others so that they can become other machines. What do I mean by that? When I started acquiring all this skill sets, and everything that it have, like all these trainings, and all these little things, I have to quickly put it outside of me and give it to someone. I have to quickly delegated and hire someone that has capabilities, that is highly capable enough to do the exact same thing, even though I’m super proud of doing that but do it fast.

We need to be able to replicate yourself super quickly, so that you can do more things and level up faster. Because if you get so good at one thing, but you keep doing that one thing for years and years, you’re missing out on how good you can be at this other thing, because you have not delegated it. I think that being able to quickly think about how you can get so good at something and then delegate it, learning it. Learning it very high level and very good at it, you should be doing that in order to really grow a company a business.

That’s the biggest piece of advice that I can give. Acquire all these skills and give it to someone really fast but make sure that you master the skills and give it to someone really fast and that person is going to help you really grow your business. It has happened to me in my business, maybe two or three key people right now. Now I don’t have to do anything but do micro-optimizations, micro corrections here and there and or teach them new things. Because that’s the way it should be. I think it’s kind of like a kid where you have to really teach them real fast of what you have learned.

Michael Holman: Great advice. Question number two, what Real Estate investing advice would you give other business owners or other business executives?

Esteban Andrade: I just had this conversation with another agency owner that is going to acquire more properties. Not everything is the bur method like not everything is the traditional way of you acquiring properties, because there is so much more, you have absolutely no idea if you’re listening to this, if you’re thinking that you will need credit or your own money to invest into properties and do the buy rehab, all this bur method to be able to invest in Real Estate. There are things such as creative financing, so you can do direct seller acquisitions, where you also take over mortgage, you can also make the seller bank where you can also have different exit strategies, lease option, whatever that is, and in your tool belt to really be involved into Real Estate investing.

Not everything is the way that you can think of and the way the banks work. Not everything’s gonna be that way, there’s gonna be other methods that you have to learn in order to expand your portfolio and have more opportunities coming in. I want to say that that goes along with learning skill sets, again, I’m a big fan of learning skill sets. Learning skill set of, of marketing yourself, and learning a skill set of selling. Those are the number two skill sets that you should be putting yourself out there. You as a Real Estate investor or as someone that wants to do Real Estate investing, in order to acquire more properties, you have to learn how to market yourself.

Whether that’s in your own community or other communities, as that go to, that go giver, as that person that knows this more than others that add value here and there, or that person that whatever your accomplishments is, marketing yourself, you are going to create a lot of joint venture opportunities. But at the same time, you market your business for people to really find you and do business with which in this case would be homeowners and need to sell their house. Learning how to market yourself it’s crucial and then that second part is gonna be selling after someone has inquired to work with you.

Michael Holman: Great advice, I love it. Esteban, how can people get a hold of you?

Esteban Andrade: Follow me on Instagram at Estenick. You can also take a look at my website at There you will be able to find some of the podcasts that I have been a host on, online hustlers podcast, we usually take into Real Estate investors or wholesalers, flippers as well as guests. Some of those are client of ours and we asked them questions about how they’re crushing it in the Real Estate investing game, or their Real Estate wholesaling game. Just go to that website and follow me on Instagram and reach out to me, and I’ll be happy to chat with you.

Michael Holman: We’ll make sure that all that gets in the show notes. So if you’re listening to this, and you want to go find Esteban, we’ll put it in there for sure. Esteban one other thing I got to ask, in your business, what is it that you’re looking for right now? This is the last question I want to ask for. But I got to put it out there. What in your business right now are you looking for?

Esteban Andrade: I want to be able to create multiple businesses and one of that business that I want to create is like a very repeatable acquisitions machine in Real Estate investing. Right now this business that I created the one of the first business that I created, that is highly successful right now, I did it without partners. But if I create another business heavily in acquisitions and Real Estate, I would prefer to do it with someone that is an integrator, someone that is really well versed into gluing operations and team together and things like that. I don’t have to go through that through another business and I have enough track record in order to grow a team and grow salespeople and lead generation and marketing and sales. I think that with the right integrator, we’ll be able to close a lot of deals. I’m looking for that, am looking to get into more sub businesses or horizontal businesses within this niche. I think that I can do that successfully with partnerships.

Michael Holman: Esteban, thank you so much for joining us today. It was a pleasure and we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us and our guests. Thank you.

Esteban Andrade: Thank you.

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How to Overcome Fear and Hustle Hard for Real Estate Investing Success

Real estate investing is so exciting because there are a million paths to success. Well, maybe not a million, but it is a diverse investment area with a variety of opportunity. That’s one of the things we love so much about real estate investing: there is always something to learn and experience and each person takes their own path to success. To hear more about his unique path towards real estate investing success, we had

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  • Esteban was working as a manager in Detroit when inspiration came from YouTube. “it was Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, and Robert Kawasaki, all these people mixed together into like YouTube videos and Gary Vee kept just going with hustle, hustle, hustle and I was like ‘I gotta hustle my way while I’m in the job, I’m in a job I’m doing my eight to five and I need to find something where I can find passion, and hustle my way out of this.’” His first hustle was a clothing company by that name. But he soon discovered that “hustle” was a fairly common name for a clothing brand.
  • Wanting to keep the “hustle” name, Andrade looked up the definition of the word, and spotted the pronunciation guide. “The pronunciation of it it’s hassel which is h and inverted e’s and sel. Hustle became Hesel.
  • Ultimately the clothing brand didn’t work out. “There’s so much competition and it has to be a strong brand to start.” Andrade focused his energy on e-commerce and digital marketing. He began working for a Canadian company as a freelancer on lead generation. “It was to get experience. It was like free work that I did in the beginning, but it was like me giving trials to potential clients there were gym owners realtors and other type of clients where I learned to generate leads for them through social media and through advertising.”
  • “I posted on Facebook ‘I’m helping real estate wholesalers and investors acquire more market property who wants to know how?’”
  • After a few years of hustling and gaining a reputation as a savvy lead-generator, Andrade decided it was time to form his own company. Fortunately he already had the Hesel LLC, so he just added media too it, and Hesel Media was born.
  • Andrade always takes time to learn and improve his skills, a holdover from when he worked a full-time job. “I would finish off my day and I would have that mindset to exercise my mind, let me have a podcast or YouTube episode to like exercise my mindset.”
  • Whatever he’s doing, it’s working. “We have grown our media agency from basically zero to $150,000 a month and right now we’re trying to now acquire more properties, get into real estate investing even deeper not only for like tax purposes and everything that goes into it but just to use this cash flow money that the media agency is doing into true real estate investing.”
  • Andrade says that successful business owners got there because they mastered a skillset. “They have to acquire skills at first whether that’s marketing, team building, scaling a sales team, whether that’s sales itself, whether that’s like knowing finances well and tax codes really knowing how to invest your money– those skill sets–those are the things that will continuously make you more money because the more you learn the more you’re gonna earn.”
  • What was the hardest part of making Hesel a success? Letting go of day-to-day duties and hiring others. “I needed to get outside of my own head that I needed to hold onto my profits, and I needed to hold onto stuff. Whenever I started giving it to someone else [by hiring employees] I saw growth.” Andrade had to change his idea of what it means to run a company. “At the beginning I would not hire a freaking virtual assistant and I was like, ‘I have to put the effort in finding one and then I have to pay someone when I can do it?? It’s so easy!’ Like those things at the end of the day are the ones that are stopping you from growing and stopping you from getting to the next level.”
  • Andrade has been concentrating on flips in the Detroit area. “I really like kind of getting into a property seeing it very ugly and then seeing it very pretty after me and my team have done some work into it.” While he’s had great success with single-family, he’s just now looking into bigger properties. “I do want to really be open to multi-families, I want to be open to duplex, quadruplex and even open to apartment buildings, so that we can utilize our cash flow very well.”
  • Ever the Detroiter, Esteban sees huge RE opportunities there. “there’s so many abandoned homes and like neighborhoods that need to be revitalized and raised up.” He’s worked with several foreign investors to help transform the city. “I love to get investors in Colombia that have money and they want to invest in Detroit.” He’s learned a lot along the way, and being a native Spanish speaker turned out to be a real asset. “These Argentinian investors had the whole nine yards. They had the acquisitions company, they had the property management company, and they had the realty brokerage company, because this whole family was into real estate heavily.”
  • Andrade encourages RE investors to find a mentor, but recommends having a skill to offer the mentor as compensation for their time. “Whenever you’re taking time from other people you should be adding value back.”
  • A mentor could put you on the fast track. “Instead of me taking six freaking months or one year into learning one single skill set or two skill sets, I could have paid something, someone, or somehow so I can learn it in one or two months–because the fastest that you learn a skill set the more competitive advantage you have against everyone else.”


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