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Basics of Real Estate Investment Returns for the Financially Illiterate with Michael Holman



This week on the show, host Michael Holman goes into his specialty—real estate investment returns. Because of his background as a CPA and financial guy, Michael breaks down why not all returns are created equal and are as good as they look on paper. He encourages listeners to do their own research and that data can always be twisted to make any investment look like a “good deal”. This episode is great for the financially illiterate or expert.
He goes into high level and basic overview, most common returns you find in investing, how to compare projects and offerings, and how to understand the calculations made, so you can make your most informed decision.
He also covers the 4 main returns:
  1. Annualized Return
  2. Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  3. Equity Multiple
  4. Cash-on-Cash Return
Do not miss this information packed episode that will help you analyze, understand, and become a more informed real estate investor.


Differences Between a Founder and a CEO

Today’s executive tip comes from an article that I read a little while ago, talking about the difference between a founder and a C E O. And I thought it was very, very interesting. And I’ve seen this example actually many times in my life. The article was stating that a founder is somebody who’s really good at wearing. A lot of hats. They do everything. They’re generally one single person running an entire business, or they’re one of just a very small team running an entire business. And they like to have their hands in everything. They liked to be controlling everything. And they like to be performing a ton of different tasks all of the time.

And it’s important to understand that’s a founder and it’s a mindset. It’s honestly a lot of people, they kind of consider themselves either. Or a CEO, the CEO on the other hand is a very good delegator, they understand how to leverage people. They understand how to take an entire organization of, you know, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 plus people and, and get the most out of every single individual.

So that collectively they can do more. And neither founder, CEO, not, there’s not one that’s better than the other, but if you’re listening to the show, you were likely somewhere in this category or on your way to being in these one of these categories. And it’s important to have the self-awareness to understand what you are And to leverage.


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EP 09: Basics of Real Estate Investment Returns for the Financially Illiterate with Michael Holman

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