Building on who you are to find the right real estate investments. This week on The Executive Real Estate Investing Show, host Michael Holman talks with Isaac Bennett.

Isaac Bennett might be a certified introvert, but he challenged himself to get out of his comfort zone and engage people. Then he found he was actually good at engaging people. That led to a career in sales, and eventually Real Estate Investing. Now Isaac is the head of you are: A People Brand, a brand a brand-holding company with four agencies that offer a range of services from realty, to wellness, to alternative investments like mobile home parks, storage, international resorts, and music royalties. His company even owns the rights to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair!”

Listen now to find out more about how Isaac started in sales, and how honing those skills translated to success in investing.

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Executive REI Show 02:

This week on the second episode of the executive REI Show, podcast host, Michael Holman discusses the direct benefits of learning the real estate markets as a whole and specifically which market one may want to direct his or her focus. He breaks the importance of focused attention on the data of the markets and what investors should be looking for in certain reports and trends. Studying the data and letting the data drive one’s decisions is key to successful real estate investments.

Executive REI Show 01:

This week on the first episode of the executive REI Show, podcast host, Michael Holman covers extremely simple but also extremely powerful components when investing in real estate. He breaks down the 7 benefits of investing real estate as opposed to some other investment options. This information is helpful for the new real estate investor or a great reminder to the seasoned ones.

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