This week on The Executive Real Estate Investing Show, host Michael Holman talks with Anna Myers. As Chief Operating Officer at Grocapitus, Anna Myers takes a data-driven approach to finding potential development projects. And it was her obsession with numbers and keeping her share of profits from real estate sales that led her to discovering the joys of a 1031 Exchange. A 1031 is a great way to defer taxes by selling investment property and immediately purchasing more property that is valued higher. And it works for single family, commercial, even multi-family syndication.

Listen now as Anna walks us through the ins and outs of a 1031, and how you can use a 1031 Exchange to passively invest in real estate.

Released weekly on Mondays, The Executive Real Estate Investing Show is hosted by Michael Holman. Michael is an extremely passionate real estate investor who has quickly become one of the most respected real estate development syndicators in the industry. He is now committed to teaching you everything you need to know to succeed in the world of real estate investing. Check out our previous episodes below and subscribe to the podcast


Executive REI Show 23:

Taking the “Red Pill” On Investing: What Meditating and a Centered Life Have to Do With Making Money? Jerome Myers is a real estate investor in Greensboro, North Carolina. Focusing primarily on purchasing small to mid-size apartment complexes capitalized through Joint Ventures, Jerome fell into investing almost by accident. A civil engineer by trade, Jerome decided to quit his job in the corporate world when he had the “opportunity to lay people off two years in a row” while the company was making a 30% profit margin. “I had a reckoning. I needed to do something different.” Multifamily units seemed like the right choice. So Jerome read up and attended seminars before finding mentors to guide him through the often-daunting world of real estate. Jerome’s insistence on capital preservation and creating a centered life through giving to others might be off-beat, but his growing portfolio of units and investors is its own testament of success. Listen now to find out more about Jerome’s Development Group, and his “Myers Methods” of investing.

Executive REI Show 22:

Have you been trying to scale in real estate all in vain? This episode is for you. Today’s guest, Trevor McGregor, has nuggets of wisdom to share to help you scale in real estate. He will talk about 5 reasons why people fail to scale in real estate and touch on the different levels of a ladder in his ladder analogy. For the past 25 years, Trevor has been helping individuals to grow both personally and professionally. As a high-performance coach and business strategist, he empowers individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors worldwide to achieve their outcomes and live a life of passion and fulfillment. Listen now to hear how Trevor will tell us how one can go from an interested real estate investor to a committed investor.

Executive REI Show 21:

This week on the show, host Michael Holman talks with Vikram Raya. Vikram is a cardiologist with a real passion for heart health and personal fitness. But after spending more than a decade in practice, he found himself financially secure but with no time and no energy to spend with his growing family. If he wanted to escape his work life, a side hustle beckoned. He considered CBD oils and hemp farms. He tried options trading, and even started his own medical temp agency. But none of those things gave him what he really needed: time.

Executive REI Show 20:

This week on the show, host Michael Holman talks with Josh Ferrari. His name implies speed, and Josh has lived up to it. In just over three years, Josh and his partners have raised over $7 million dollars in private equity, and currently own more than 300 properties. Josh started his career as an aircraft technician, with an eye toward flying acrobatic planes. But when his work kept leaving him frustrated and grounded, he began to look for other opportunities to build wealth. After a few unsuccessful attempts at wholesaling and house-hacking, and a lot of research, he steered toward multifamily syndication investments. Listen now to hear from Josh Ferrari on how he got started, the potholes he hit along the way, and the importance of taking risks.

Executive REI Show 19:

It’s all about financing in this episode of The Executive REI Show, in which host Michael Holman offers up 3 Tips for Financing Your Next Real Estate Investment. Whether you’re looking for a $500k or $50 million loan, these principles apply. With these tips, investors at all levels of experience can save time, money and frustration by following a clear roadmap to securing exactly the right lender for no matter what deal. Learn real, actionable strategies for reaching your real estate investment goals and creating either active or passive generational wealth.

Executive REI Show 18:

This week on the show, host, Michael Holman talks with Raju Datla. Raju spent almost 26+ years of his career in Technology in various roles, from Software development to leadership. He dabbled Tech startups before venturing into Essential services business 4 years ago, that has led to real investing also. He has done passive and active (airBnb), and is looking to do more investing in both residential and commercial real estate. He also helps Investors/Realtors increase their profits/revenue on their deals. Apart from his real estate and Essential services interests, Raju Datla is very passionate about Personal Development, Spirituality, Mindset. His podcast, with his partner called Vibe! Mind, Body & Entrepreneurship is about Mindset, spirituality and Entrepreneurship. Listen now to learn from Raju Datla on how he makes valuable professional connections.

Executive REI Show 17:

This week on the show, host, Michael Holman talks with Esther Reizes-Lowenbein, who services the commercial real estate market as an investment/fund manager, investor and realtor. Esther has redefined the face of real estate by offering professional and on-demand service. She has successfully closed over 300 million dollars in commercial transactions thus far. She is recognized as a "serial net-worker" and has a knack at connecting buyers, sellers and investors. Esther holds a master’s degree from Adelphi University. She is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She takes great pride in her wonderful children. Additionally, Esther, together with her husband are extremely active in their community and run a non-for profit, providing relief for underprivileged individuals. Listen now to learn from Esther Reizes-Lowenbein on how real estate has changed her life.

Executive REI Show 16:

Real Estate Syndication is the phrase used to describe the concept of pooling the resources of and bringing together several different real estate investors in order to do a large commercial real estate deal. In this podcast, host Michael Holman will show you very simply how numbers are calculated and how a syndication structure works. You'll discover the details of the cash flow waterfall and other important things to know when you are looking to get into a syndication.

Executive REI Show 15:

Listen this week as host Michael Holman answers listeners questions in regards to real estate investing. Michael discusses where the real estate market is heading. Gives tips about getting into big real estate investments, investment hold periods, cost segregation, and where construction costs are heading. If you have questions for Michael or you want to have your question answered on the show, visit our website and submit a question or email us directly at

Executive REI Show 14:

This week on the show, host Michael Holman talks about how a 1031 Exchange relates to a syndication. Michael illustrates the basic structure and how it all ties together. Become a more informed real estate investor. Whether you are interested in actively investing, or if you have a 1031 Exchange that you are interested in passively investing. You won’t want to miss this information packed episode!

Executive REI Show 13:

This week on the show, host Michael Holman goes into detail about the main legal documents that are required for people who are wanting to passively invest in real estate syndications. Most people investing in real estate don’t understand the legal documents like they should. You don’t have to be an attorney, but you need to have some knowledge about these items. Listen as he explains why reading the documents can help you avoid bad situations. You want to understand what you are getting yourself into. You don’t want to get into a bad investment, or be with someone who doesn't understand what they are doing or who you don’t trust. As always Michael gives his executive tip of the week. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Executive REI Show 12:

Do you want to gain new ideas, new possibilities, and new ways of thinking in real estate investing? Surrounding yourself with other people in the real estate industry will both help and benefit you. Relationships are the key. Michael goes beyond the business and shares why it is important to network and establish relationships with other key real estate professionals. Do not miss this information packed episode that will help you to succeed, thrive, and propel you forward in real estate investing.

Executive REI Show 11:

This week on the show, host Michael Holman shares the power of real estate investing. He breaks down with simple math and example how anyone can take $50,000 into $1,600,000 million dollars as well how this 1.6 million will become passive cashflow for you down the road. Listen and watch the YouTube video for the visual representation of this concept. He discusses the value of investing in smart real estate and what return numbers should be targeted and the exact timeline to follow so listeners understand how to make this happen. As always, Michael gives his executive tip and gives relevant real estate advice and information.

Executive REI Show 10:

Listen this week as host Michael Holman does another Executive Questions episode. This week Michael answers listeners questions in regard to real estate investing. He covers topics of why he focuses on development. Gives tips about other investing strategies within real estate, analyzing markets, syndications and what an accredited investor is, how to become one, and why you should. If you have questions for Michael with real estate investing, please feel free to email us directly at You can also contact us on any of our social media platforms or LinkedIn group. 

Executive REI Show 09:

This week on the show, host Michael Holman goes into his specialty—real estate investment returns. Because of his background as a CPA and financial guy, Michael breaks down why not all returns are created equal and are as good as they look on paper. He encourages listeners to do their own research and that data can always be twisted to make any investment look like a “good deal”. This episode is great for the financially illiterate or expert. He goes into high level and basic overview, most common returns you find in investing, how to compare projects and offerings, and how to understand the calculations made, so you can make your most informed decision.

Executive REI Show 08:

This week on the show host, Michael Holman breaks down how to understand the basics as well as the nuance parts of real estate syndication investments. Listen as he goes into detail of the differences of 506B and 506C syndications and what the pros and cons are on each one. He cautions on taking information about each syndication at face value and encourages and also educates listeners on how to do their own research on investments syndications. As always Michael gives his executive tip of the week, and you won’t want to miss this one!

Executive REI Show 07:

This week on the show, host, Michael Holman interviews Collin Dean, who has not only a wealth of business knowledge from his various roles in his career, but years of investing experience and he is willing to share all his experience. They dive into the importance of networking and relationships as it applies to business and real estate. Collin dives into why and how he got started into real estate investing and the reasons he got started and continues to invest in real estate. Some of the mistake or pitfalls that he had when he first started in real estate and some adjustments he has made or makes now for smarter investments. They discuss the value of building experience and when it is a “good time” to get into the real estate investing realm. Covers topics of getting started, learning, and growing as one learns the process and opportunities. They discuss ins and outs of syndications the pros, the scalability of them, and what to look for.

Executive REI Show 06:

This week on the show, host, Michael does his first “Executive Questions” segment. Michael answers questions sent in by listeners and breaks down his reasoning behind them. If you want to have a question answered on the show, email us at You can also contact us on any of our social media platforms or LinkedIn group. Michael answers questions regarding how to get started in real estate, the future of multifamily properties, location development, construction cost, build and sell strategy, and investing in real estate through a self-directed IRA. Listen, subscribe, like review and share the show. As always, Michael shares his executive tip which is all about understanding your limitations and how to turn them into know-hows to gain and maintain success.

Executive REI Show 05:

This week on the Executive Real Estate Investing Show, Host Michael Holman talks all about the benefits of leveraging in real estate. He dives into why he is a proponent of debt when it is the right kind of debt--consumer debt not good. Listen and learn as Michael walks you through three key ways leverage will propel you into better investing. (1) Amps up returns on investments (2) Ability to scale and build portfolio much quicker (3)Reduces risk. In addition he discusses purchasing power of the dollar and how to use other people’s money to work to your advantage today.

Executive REI Show 04:

This week on the podcast, host, Michael Holman interviews Jordan Spencer Partner at Red Canyon Financial about his out-of-the box career path to where he is now, and ways he seized opportunities to grow and change in this industry. They also discuss the debate of the real estate bubble and Jordan tells his story of the best business advice he ever received.

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